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Stuart foot fracture

Treating foot fractures in Stuart

Stuart foot fracture

Stuart foot fracture

Have you recently injured your foot or ankle during sports play or during everyday activities? If so, it is important that you have your foot or ankle evaluated to see what kind of damage has been done so that you can be treated for a complete and swift recovery. If you need to see a podiatrist who can help with treating your Stuart foot fracture, make an appointment to see our foot doctor at our practice, Joseph C. Taub.

Our expert and Board Certified podiatrist is Dr. Joseph C. Taub. Our practice has been providing the highest quality of foot care to area residents for more than 24 years. We are dedicated to helping our patients get back on their feet and back to an active lifestyle in the shortest amount of time possible. We offer a fully range of podiatric services to help all of our patients, from children to seniors. We place special emphasis on the value of non-surgical treatment. We do provide surgery as an option, but generally only recommend it as a last resort. We know that the vast majority of problems can be solved without surgery. When a patient comes to us with a Stuart foot fracture we have many treatment options available including a full array of braces, surgical shoes, soft casts and walking casts.

When patients come to us with a Stuart foot fracture we first need to carefully evaluate the problem; often times it is determined that the foot fracture can be well treated without surgery. Our doctor may prescribe foot orthotics that are used to help treat many foot problems. Foot orthotics are prescribed to help the individual foot problem, and are completely unique to the individual. Before any type of treatment is prescribed we will make a careful diagnosis of the problem which may include x-rays or MRIs. Our practice strives to always provide the highest-level of foot care tailored to the individual patient’s needs. We also provide our patients with a great deal of information so that they are able to be partners with us in making decisions about their medical care. We offer same-day emergency appointments which is often very important to the patient who is suffering from a painful foot fracture. If you would like to meet with our expert podiatrist, Dr. Taub, contact us for an appointment.

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Stuart Foot Fracture Doctor

Foot and Ankle Fractures Stuart

Stuart foot fracture doctor A fractured bone in the foot or ankle requires the treatment of a specialist and Joseph C. Taub, your Stuart foot fracture doctor, has been providing exceptional podiatrist services in this area for over 24 years. We provide caring and compassionate care for your injury while encouraging you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your medical condition and course of treatment. Our entire professional team understands you want to be back on your feet and comfortably enjoying your normal routine as soon as possible. Our course of action for your road to recovery may include a simple protective wrap, soft or below the knee walking cast, the use of braces, crutches or surgical shoes. Each patient and condition is unique due to your age, overall health, as well as the location of your particular fracture.

An accident or injury can occur at any age and result in a foot or ankle fracture. As the leading Stuart foot fracture doctor, Joseph C. Taub accepts and treats new patients of all ages. Dr. Taub also believes in thoroughly educating his patients regarding their podiatry care and offers educational materials, videos as well as an in-depth consultation to ensure a full understanding of their condition and treatment. Because every patient requires and deserves individual attention, we will thoroughly explain the details of your care during an office visit. We want you to feel empowered about making decisions regarding your podiatry care and see you resume your regular activities.

In addition to being your premier Stuart foot fracture doctor, Joseph C. Taub is the area’s full service podiatrist and offers a wide range of additional services designed to safeguard or restore the health of your feet. To begin treatment, simply reach out to one of our personable and knowledgeable professional team members to schedule a convenient appointment. We do offer same day and emergency treatment when possible. Our friendly staff can also assist you with any concerns you may have as a new patient including identifying our participating insurance providers and giving an overview of a particular service we offer. We look forward to meeting with you soon and getting you back on your feet quickly.

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