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Diabetic Foot Care in Midtown Manhattan

Your feet are prone to complications that can happen due to being diabetic. This is true whether you have type one or type two diabetes. Dr. Joseph C. Taub wants to help you maintain your foot health and avoid serious problems due to diabetes. To do so requires a focus on our diabetic foot care in Stuart. If you don’t give the proper attention to the well-being of your feet, the worst case scenario is that diabetes could result in losing a foot or even a leg.

Why would diabetes have an impact on your feet? Because blood sugar not properly controlled can cause neuropathy, which is nerve damage, disrupting the flow of blood to your feet. This can mean you are less able to feel pain or to notice the change of temperature in your feet. You might even injure your foot and not be aware of it. While not feeling pain may sound like a positive thing, it’s important to remember that pain is a vital warning system of the body, letting you know when there’s a problem that you need to address. It’s a very good idea to check your feet regularly for damage as well as for infections and blisters. And because the moisture level of your feet is also controlled by your nerves, you’ll need to be on the lookout for dry skin, cracking, and peeling. As part of our diabetic foot care in Stuart, we might recommend special therapeutic shoes in order to avoid any change to the shape of your feet and toes. Diabetes poses a risk of foot deformity too. Calluses may appear and can thicken, forming foot ulcers. Poor circulation, because of your blood vessels becoming more narrow and hardened, then makes it more difficult to fight off infections.

The single most important thing you can do to keep your feet from being injured due to diabetes is to keep a close watch on your blood sugar. Be sure to follow your primary physician’s or specialist’s recommendations with respect to dietary choices and medication. Proper exercise is helpful in avoiding circulation problems. If you smoke, you should consider quitting. And be sure to be examined regularly for our diabetic foot care in Stuart. Your health is your greatest source of wealth, so you should take pains to safeguard it whenever possible. Whether you have a concern or it’s time for your yearly diabetic foot exam, call us today to make an appointment.

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