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Foot Ulcer Stuart FL

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Treating Ulcers in Stuart FL

Foot Ulcer Stuart FL
Foot Ulcer Stuart FL

A foot ulcer in Stuart FL is most closely associated with the effects of diabetes on your health. Fortunately, our podiatrist can treat the problem. It is vital, however, for you to check your feet regularly when you have diabetes. The beginnings of an ulcer can form without you being aware of it. And every day counts when it comes to addressing it.

What exactly is a foot ulcer in Stuart FL? It’s an open wound. Ulcers can occur on any part of skin in your body, but those that are specific to the foot are related to either type one or type two diabetes. As your blood sugar fluctuates and spikes, your blood circulation can become sluggish. Neuropathy (nerve damage) may develop. And sores often begin to appear. Those sores often become a foot ulcer in Stuart FL. And because potential nerve damage from diabetes makes it difficult for you to feel these changes as they are happening, you should examine your feet closely on a regular basis. Notice any sores, open or otherwise? Consult with our podiatrist to have it evaluated. Treatment for a sore is generally less complex before it becomes ulcerated. But the methods that can be used to manage the situation include dressings, medication, and surgery, in the form of skin grafts. This is not the first option, of course, but not all wounds will respond sufficiently to dressings and medication. And the goal of our podiatrist is to restore the skin on your foot to the maximum healthy state that can be achieved.

When you have a foot ulcer in Stuart FL, or you have a sore that may become one, do not hesitate to reach out to us and schedule an examination. Dr. Taub has the expertise and experience to deal with it.

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