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Heel Pain Port Salerno

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Treating heel pain in Port Salerno

Heel pain Port Salerno
Heel pain Port Salerno

Heel pain is no fun, which is something you don’t need to be told if you have it. Discomfort and pain can make walking or even standing difficult to do. And at the office of Joseph C. Taub, heel pain in Port Salerno is treated so that you can experience great improvement and relief.

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, a condition that forms when the tissue connecting your toes to your heel bone becomes strained, often developing small tears. Irritation, swelling, and inflammation are typical symptoms. The biggest risk factors for plantar fasciitis are spending a lot of time on your feet, flat feet, high arches, being overweight, shoes that don’t fit well, and feet that roll inward when you walk. Another reason that you may be noticing heel pain in Port Salerno is due to heel spurs. They are deposits of calcium that form on the underside of your heel bone. Muscle or ligament strain are often at the root of why they occur, and being diabetic puts you at risk for heel spurs, along with the same factors that are listed for plantar fasciitis. In fact, you may get not one but both causes of heel pain in Salerno. A physical exam and x-ray swill allow our podiatrist to diagnose you and accurately treat the problem or problems. In addition to recommending more comfortable and supportive shoes, treatment options may include wearing orthotics (shoe inserts), stretching exercises, and physical therapy. Surgery is not a common solution, but could be considered if the other methods are not producing the needed results.

Pain or discomfort in your heel should not be ignored. Don’t try to wait it out. It is unlikely to go away without any action being taken, and you should not have to suffer any longer than is absolutely necessary. Setup an appointment with our heel pain in Port Salerno¬†office. Call today.

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