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Martin County Podiatrist

Martin County Foot Fracture Doctor
Martin County Foot Fracture Doctor

It is very common for people to get foot and ankle sprains, especially during sports activities. However, should this occur, it is important that you contact our doctor for immediate diagnosis of your foot or ankle fracture. This is because proper treatment can play a critical role in the early stages of foot or ankle injury. Should you suffer from a foot or ankle sports injury, it is important that you make an immediate appointment to see our Martin County foot fracture doctor, Dr. Joseph C. Taub.

Our podiatry practice is Joseph C. Taub. Our expert podiatrist has been providing exemplary podiatry care for patients for over 24 years. We are very happy to offer flexible scheduling so that we are able to see our emergency patients on the very same day. If you call our office needing to be seen for a foot or ankle fracture, please be sure to tell our office staff the reason for your appointment, and that you would like to see our doctor the same day. When you need the services of an expert Martin County foot fracture doctor, you can do no better than to see our highly experienced foot doctor, Dr. Taub.

When you get a severe sprain, you may actually hear or feel something tear, or even here a pop-like sound. You may be feeling a lot of pain at the site of the injury. Some patients may also not be able to bear any weight on their foot. When you come to see our Martin County foot fracture doctor, he will ask you how the injury occurred and whether or not you have hurt your ankle before. Some ankles are very prone to repeated injury, and may benefit from an ankle stabilization procedure. Our doctor will also make sure that there has been no injury to the leg, foot, or knee when the ankle is the source of pain. X-rays may be ordered to see if there is a broken bone. Even if there is not a broken bone, the injury can be very painful with much swelling and bruising. Our doctor will analyze which ligaments have been hurt. Our doctor may choose to order an MRI to confirm injury to a ligament or joint surface. Treatment will ultimately depend on our doctor’s diagnosis. Nonsurgical treatments may include crutches or air splints. Even if there is a complete tearing of the ligament this can heal without surgery if it is appropriately immobilized close to the time when the injury occurred. For excellent treatment of ankle of foot fractures contact us for an immediate appointment.

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